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Functional & Practical Bridge Bearing for Constructions

Bridge bearing, as connection component, can provide a resting surface between bridge and bridge piers. And the purpose of bridge bearing is to transfer forces from the superstructure to the substructure or reduce the ground vibration to the superstructure. Generally, according to its different structures, bridge bearing can be divided into elastomeric bearing, pot bearing, spherical bearing and seismic isolation bearing. Available with bridge bearing, bridges or buildings can better to maintain their original state during external forces, like wind or seismic activities, or internal forces, like self weight.

Four Products of Our Bridge Bearing

  • Elastomeric Bearing

    Elastomeric bearing can be divided into non-reinforced elastomeric bearing, steel laminated elastomeric bearing and PTFE elastomeric bearing. Non-reinforced elastomeric bearing is a solid block made of nature rubber or neoprene rubber. Steel laminated elastomeric bearing is made of rubber laminated with steel plate. Adding a layer of PTFE on the surface of steel laminated elastomeric bearing, the PTFE elastomeric bearing is formed.

    Three elastomeric bearing pads: plain elastomeric bearing, steel laminated elastomeric bearing and PTFE sliding elastomeric bearing.
  • Two orange pot bearings: fixed pot bearing and guided pot bearing.
    Pot Bearing

    Pot bearing, is made of elastomeric bearing pad embedded inside of the steel plate. And this type of bridge bearing can be divided into fixed pot bearing, guided pot bearing and free sliding pot bearing.

  • Spherical Bearing

    Spherical bearing has a similar structure with pot bearing and can also be divided into three types: fixed spherical bearing, guided spherical bearing and free sliding spherical bearing. The difference is that the pad inside of the steel plate is convex steel. And the bottom steel plate is in concave shape.

    Three spherical bearings: a spherical bearing on the product line, spherical bearing structure, a fixed spherical bearing.
  • Three pictures are showing the seismic isolation bearing: cross section picture, elastomeric pad picture and a complete seismic bearing.
    Seismic Isolation Bearing

    Seismic isolation bearing is divided into lead rubber bearing and high damping rubber bearing. High damping rubber bearing, made of rubber with damping performance, can reduce the vibration of the superstructure. And the lead rubber bearing, with central lead core, has large ductility and can restore quickly after the seismic activities.

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Hot Products
A corner of natural rubber plain elastomeric bearing.

Elastomeric bearing pad, can be classified into plain elastomeric bearing, laminated bearing pad and PTFE sliding elastomeric bearing.

An orange color pot bearing with thick top steel plate and bottom steel plate.

Pot bearing, made of elastomeric pad embedded into the steel plate is divided into fixed bearing, guided bearing and free pot bearing.

The spherical bearings are on the production lines.

Spherical bearing, with fixed, guided and free sliding type is suitable for more complex bridges in low temperature regions.


How to produce Elastomeric Bearing Pad

Laminated rubber bearings are produced by Natural rubber or neoprene rubber with steel shims reinforcement inside.The Laminated elastomeric bearing pad is produced by process of Mixing of rubber, Extrusion molding of rubber, vulcanization.

Pot bearing installation

After installing the pot bearing at the bottom of the beam, tighten the connecting bolts or nuts

Technical parameter analysis of LRB lead rubber bearing

Lead core rubber bearings are a type of seismic isolation widely used in structures such as bridges and buildings.

Common Problems of Spherical Bridge Bearings

Combining with the project of Foshan West Railway Station, this paper systematically analyzes the causes and the harms of the beam bearing using cast in place and introduces the construction process of lifting the beam to level the bearing.

Acceptance of Building Isolation Engineering

This paper presents the acceptance of building isolation engineering, mainly including the acceptance of the isolation members and isolation layer.

Inter-story Isolation Technology Used for Multiple Buildings with Large Podium

Considering the adverse effect on seismic performance caused by abrupt story stiffness change and the metro vibration, inter-story isolation technology using thick rubber bearings is adopted in the design of transfer floor for a multiple buildings with large podium.

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