Seismic Isolation Bearing - Protect Buildings & Bridges

Seismic isolation bearing, as it name implies, is a kind of bridge bearing designed to minimize forces and displacements during an earthquake. Generally, this kind of bridge bearing can be divided high damping rubber bearing and lead rubber bearing. High damping rubber bearing utilizes the high damping performance can reduce the vibration amplitude of the applied structure. And the lead rubber bearing with large ductility can reduce the deformation and restore quickly after the earthquake. So seismic isolation bearings, are ideal for protecting bridge structures from ground movement in all seismic zones and soil types.

A cut seismic isolation bearing and we can see the internal structure clearly.
SIB-1: Structure of seismic isolation bearing.
Many pieces of seismic isolation bearings are placed together.
SIB-2: Seismic isolation bearing on the prototype testing process.

How does seismic isolation bearing work?
During the earthquake, the fixed base building will vibrate back and forth in varying directions due to the inertial forces and result in deformation and damages of the buildings or bridges. In contrast, the isolated base building will also displace but remains its original shapes and avoid damages - that is because the seismic isolation bearing effectively dissipates the inertial force upon the building, extends the building's period of vibration and decrease the acceleration of the building.

A picture is showing the different condition of the building during the earthquake.
SIB-3: Seismic isolation bearing avoids damage and deformations to the building.

This video shows the condition of fixed building and seismic isolation bearing supported building under the earthquake.

Seismic isolation bearing has a wide range of application. Through adopting the seismic technology, the antiseismic competence of the construction is increasingly improved. When the earthquake occurs, seismic isolation bearing can effectively performs its functions.

A lead rubber bearing with a bundle of steel reinforcing bars on it.
SIB-4: Lead rubber bearing has excellent damping effect, so it is widely used for bridges and buildings.
A rectangular lead rubber bearing is connected the bridge deck and the bridge pier.
SIB-5: Lead rubber bearing is applied for highway bridges.

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