Acceptance of Building Isolation Engineering

1.Acceptance of Isolation members

Isolation members mainly refer to isolation bearings and dampers.
1.1.Type, Quantity and Installation Place of Isolation Bearings and Dampers
The type, quantity and installation place of isolation bearings and dampers are consistently associated with the safety of isolation buildings. No errors are allowed. The acceptance of isolation building and damper are shown in Table 1.
  Isolation Bearing Damper
Inspect Quantity Exhaustive Inspection Exhaustive Inspection
Inspect Methods Observe and Inspe
                                                                           Table 1
1.2.Lower Buttress
The lower buttress of isolation bearing is an important member of isolation layer.
1.2.1.Concrete Strength of lower buttress
The concrete strength of the lower buttress should not be lower than the design. The acceptance of concrete strength is shown in Table 2.
  Concrete Strength
Inspect Quantity Exhaustive Inspection
Inspect Methods Test Report of Test Piece
                                                                         Table 2
1.2.2.Concrete Pouring of Lower Buttress
There should not be defects like honeycomb and pockmark. When the concrete form is removed after pouring concrete, the concrete form occurs honeycomb or pockmark. Timely measures should be taken to remedy. 

1.3.Welding Quality

The welding quality of the connection shall meet the design requirements and shall have witness inspection. When the design is not required, the weld grade should not be lower than two. Inspection quality should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the existing national standard "Steel Structure Construction Quality Acceptance" (GB 50205 - 2001). The acceptance is shown in Table 3.
Level Level One Level Two
Inspect Quantity Exhaustive Inspection Selective Examination
Inspect Methods Witness Inspection of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection or Radiographic Testing
                                                                         Table 3

2.Acceptance of Isolation Layer

2.1.Installation Place of Isolation Layer
The allowable error and tests methods of Installation place of isolation layer are shown in Table 4.
  Allowale Error Inspect Quantity Test Methods(Measure)
Elevation of bearing(mm) ±5 Exhaustive Inspection Level and Steel Ruler
Horizontal Deviation of bearing(mm) ±5 Exhaustive Inspection Theodolite and Steel Ruler
Levelness Top Surface of Lower Buttress 3% Exhaustive Inspection Theodolite and Filler Gauge
Levelness Top Surface of Bearing 8% Exhaustive  Inspection Theodolite and Filler Gauge
                                                                                         Table 4
 2.2.Damper Surface
When the damper surface damages or corrodes which does not affect performance, the damper surface should be promptly repaired; if damages and corrosion affect performance, damper should be replaced without delay.

 2.3.Isolation Seam and Flexible Connection Measure

isolation seams(horizontal isolation seams and vertical isolation seams) and flexible connection measures shall have exhaustive inspection so as to make sure that the flexible connection measures can meet requirements of horizontal displacement and the relative horizontal deformation of the superstructure is unimpeded during the earthquake. The Inspect quantity and inspect methods of horizontal isolation seams and vertical isolation seams are shown in Table 5. 
  Horizontal Isolation Seams Vertical Isolation Seams
Inspect Quantity Exhaustice Inspection Exhaustive Inspection
Inspect Methods(Measure) Filler Gauge and Meter Stick Filler Gauge and Meter Stick
                                                                                     Table 5

 2.3.1.Isolation Seam

(1)Horizontal Isolation Seams
The height of horizontal isolation seams between the superstructure and the lower structure shall meets the designed requirements. If there is no requirements, the height of the horizontal isolation seams shall be not less than 20mm. 
(2)Vertical isolation Seams
The width of vertical isolation seams of the superstructure shall be meets the designed requirements as well. If there is no requirements, the width of the vertical isolation seams shall be not less than the 1.2 times maximum horizontal displacement during the rare occurrence earthquake and not less than 200mm. As for two neighbouring isolated structures, the vertical isolation seams should be not less than 400mm and be the sum of the maximum horizontal displacement of the bearings in both-side structure during the rare occurrence earthquake.

2.3.2.Flexible Connection Measure 

The flexible connection measure which has the possibility to leak the harmful medium and the combustible medium, shall meet the requirements of horizontal deformation. 


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