How to produce Elastomeric Bearing Pad

 How to produce Elastomeric Bearing Pad ?

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How elastomeric bearing pad supplier produce and test the products? First we need to know how to tell the quality of the rubber bearing pads.

Laminated rubber bearings are produced by Natural rubber or neoprene rubber with steel shims reinforcement inside. Normally, The Laminated elastomeric bearing pad is produced by process of Mixing of rubber, Extrusion molding of rubber, vulcanization, Stress testing, Assembly.

1. Mixing of rubber, Use a mixer to heat, mix, and fine tune the rubber mixture to achieve the required performance indicators such as viscosity, softness, and hardness. The mixing time depends on the quality of the rubber, and to ensure the quality of the mixture meets the requirements.

2. Extrusion molding. The mixed rubber mixture is pressed into shape by an extruder. During the molding process, it is necessary to control the molding speed and pressure to avoid defects such as bubbles and cracks.

3.vulcanization. The rubber bearing pad is placed in a vulcanization furnace for heating and vulcanization, forming a buffering and absorption performance for force. The vulcanization time depends on the type and dimensions of the elastoemric bearing pad and specification of rubber.

3.Stress testing. After vulcanization is completed, a pressure test is conducted to test the rubber bearing pad  ability and strength.

Assembly. Assemble the rubber bearings into finished products, conduct visual inspection and packaging to ensure that the quality of each bearing meets the standards and customer needs.

Other processes. This may include cutting, trimming, applying adhesives (such as PTFE sheets), sandblasting, and other steps.


4. Quality control. In  the entire production process, multiple quality control measures need to be taken, including rubber material inspection, model casting, coding and inspection, insulation and curing, and factory inspection.

So above is how to produce the elastomeric bearing pad, as rubber bearing pad supplier, we provide the products for many important project in in China, and all over the world.  We insist to produce good quality rubber bearings, so we use good rubber to finish the production. Good natural rubber bearing pad and good neoprene bearing pad, which has sufficient vertical stiffness to withstand vertical loads, it can reliably transmit the pressure of the upper structure to the piers and abutments; It Has good elasticity to adapt to the rotation of the beam end. If the rubber material is not good enough, the elastomeric bearinig pad will has poor capacity and normally we can tell the rubber quality from the looking, rubber bearings with poor quality have a dull appearance, and Uneven color distribution.

We  also have complete testing process for the test of elastomeric bearing pads to test  products before production and after production. 

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